Ecolencer – Ulmatec Thermal Solutions

Ulmatec Thermal Solutions have together with Silentor developed the Ulmatec Ecolencer.

The Ulmatec Ecolencer is a combined exhaust gas economizer and silencer – which is custom designed for marine engines.

The unit is designed for utilizing the waste heat from the exhaust gas, and at the same time delivering noise attenuation according to the customers requirements.

The unique features are:

  • Compact size
  • Low weight compared to single units.
  • High efficiency combined with at low pressure drop throughout the unit.
  • Good solution for new builds but also for Retrofit.
  • DNV Approved spark arrestor.
  • Control system with touch panel HMI.
  • Combined absorbtive and reflective silencing for broad-spectrum attenuation.

Please contact us for further information or technical details.

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