EcoVent ™ 

The EcoVent™ Recirculator removes oil mist coming from the engine crankcase vent.

This contributes to a cleaner, healthier and safer environment.
Engine room maintenance costs are also reduced.

Cleaner Environment
The EcoVent Recirculator removes 99% of oil mist and airborne particles. This makes it possible to duct the now clean blow-by fumes into the air cleaner for a completely sealed crankcase ventilation system. The sealed system removes 100% of blow-by mists and gases from the atmosphere without danger to the engine.     
Reduced Oil Consumption
After oil droplets are removed from the gasses, they pass through an absorbent depth medium, which cleans them so they can safely be returned to the oil sump.
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Eco-Vent filterhouse incl. 1 pcs. filter
Eco-Vent filter elements
Eco-vent gaskets