Silencer technology

Silentor’s patented principles for exhaust noise attenuation combine absorptive and reflective attenuation with advanced aerodynamics in such a way that the Silentor silencers have proven to be superior to conventional silencers in terms of:

  • noise attenuation
  • back pressure
  • use of space

Any of these parameters can be optimised more effective noise attenuation or lower back pressure within a given volume. It is also possible to optimise any combination of the parameters e.g. decrease a given volume and back pressure while still maintaining the original noise attenuation. 

Special low-frequency attenuation

Compared to other silencers, Silentor silencers are special because of their ability to attenuate all frequencies audible to the human ear – including the low-frequency noise, which is normally reduced very little by conventional silencers. This low frequency noise, which depends on the speed of rotation of the engine and the number of cylinders, is very often not only irritating but also the critical one in order to achieve an acceptable overall noise level.

Fuel saving

Silentor pressure-recovering diffusers and other aerodynamic elements make it possible to achieve great noise reduction with only limited accompanying pressure-losses. Reduced back pressure can be translated into either reduced fuel consumption or increased momentum and power of the engine.

Limited size

The Silentor principles for attenuation make it possible to achieve noise reduction according to specifications even when the space available is so limited and irregular that installation of a conventional silencer is impossible.

Longer life span

Silentor silencers last longer than you would normally expect. The construction itself is well tried and solid as a “semi-pressure” vessel. Further to this the absorptive material is positioned and protected inside the silencer in a special way, which means that Silentor silencers maintain their capacity for attenuation during their entire span of life.

Internal design and outer dimensions

When necessary information on engine, restrictions for installation and desired level of attenuation are known, an optimised design is made using computer simulation and comprehensive calculations. Presupposing all necessary information available the effectiveness of the solution can be guaranteed.
Complementary calculations concerning noise and pressure in the connecting pipes can also be carried out by Silentor.

Ready made

Apart from being able to supply a tailor-made silencer Silentor also maintains a wide range of standard silencers from 3” to 32” covering different demands for attenuation.