Surface treatment

Silentor silencers can as an example be made of AISI 316L followed by below surface treatment:

Surface preparation:
High pressure hosing to remowed salt and other contamination.
When the surface is dry, abrasive blasting with quart sand to a density profile segment 3
according to ISO 8503.
Steel inspection: according to ISO 8501-3: P3, no defects
Brestle test according to ISO 8502-9: Average: 1,5μS/cm
Assessment of dust ISO 8502-3: < level 2

Paint system:
Thermaly Sprayed Aluminum (TSA): 200μm
1 x mistcoat and 1X F/C SOLVALITT, ALUMINIUM: 30μm
Flange area which is not possible to metalized is
touch up with brush & roller with INTERTHERM 898 CSA: 175-200μm