Not a sound !

Most people know the sound from a vessel. The familiar rhythmic sound from the sea is cheerful and homelike. Unfortunately the crew on board the vessel normally has a quite different perception of the sound from the exhaust system.

On board many vessels the noise from the exhaust of the engine is often very annoying. The low frequency pulsing sound, which is changing with the firing frequency of the engine, can be extremely intrusive.

It is unpleasant to stay on deck and it is difficult to communicate.

The Silentor® silencer differs from conventional silencers. The main difference is Silentor’s ability to muffle the firing frequency of the engine while  simultaneously attenuating effectively the entire audible span of frequencies.
Apart from that the Silentor® silencer is characterized by its very durable and carefully planned construction, which requires a minimum of space. This means that it is possible to install efficient silencers even in small
vessels where room is sparse and access often difficult.

A Silentor® silencer is made up from flow-friendly components.

This means that a Silentor® silencer gives you both effective attenuation and low back pressure. Low back pressure results in increased engine output and reduced fuel consumption.

Based on data for the engine and information on the physical conditions, a silencer can be dimensioned to function in the optimum way. By means of special computer programs Silentor performs the necessary calculations within hours.

The excellent capacities of the Silentor silencer can be naturally employed also on other types of vessels.