Silence on board with Silentor ® silencers

Noise levels on board some of the smaller ferries operation in the fjords, are quite intrusive and conversation on deck can be difficult. Due to Silentor´s unique patented design, efficient attenuation was achieved.

Vessels should conform to the latest International regulations, i.e. the consolidated Act No. 594 of 26th June 1996 and Act No. 694 of 17th August 1995 for noise attenuation on board ships.

This legislation requires that noise levels in the sleeping quarters must not exceed 60 dB(A) and 65 dB(A) in the crew accommodation. 

Unacceptable noise levels can also be a problem when entering and leaving harbours, and when running auxiliary generators whilst docked. 

Upgrading vessels is a difficult and costly exercise, as often little or no extra space is available for bigger silencers. 

However, it is now possible to improve the working environment and meet the requirements for noise on board ships with Silentor’s patented silencers.

Silentor’s unique diffuser designs achieve high levels of attenuation, particularly low frequency, without the penalties of high back pressure associated with conventional silencers. 

The pressure recovery diffusers allow the silencers to be smaller than conventional designs of the same performance levels, therefore allowing the Silentor units to fit into the available space. 

With the possibility of upgrading the attenuation in the space available, down time and the loss of revenue is kept to a minimum, as vessels need not be taken out of commission to fit the silencers. 

Due to Silentor’s unique patented design, efficient attenuation is achieved with a much lower back pressure than traditional silencers which means less wear on the engine, and improved fuel economy.