Chimney integrated silencer

Very often space is limited when engine installations are built.

All the components in the exhaust system must therefore be as small as possible.                                        

A Silentor silencer solution is the logical choice when space is limited. Due to its patented attenuation principles, Silentor is capable of creating silencers with less volume than other conventional silencer solutions.

Furthermore – by implementing Silentor’s extremely flexible silencer technology, the silencer solution can be customized for installation in the chimney. This offers obvious space savings in the engine room.

Another advantage of integrating the silencer in the chimney is that this allows completion of the engine installation before mounting the silencer in the chimney, making it possible to determine the actual emitted exhaust noise from the chimney top by doing a simple noise measurement. This means that the silencer solution can be optimised according to the actual need for attenuation. It may be the case that other components in the exhaust system such as catalysers and heat exchangers attenuate the exhaust noise so much, that it is not necessary to insert a silencer in the chimney afterwards.

In order to achieve the optimal solution we recommend our involvement in the project at an early stage.