To much noise – not enough space

When significant changes are required to a complex civil engineering project due to oversight at the design stage, and no allowance exists to make the necessary changes, the resulting problems can be potentially fatal to the project.

Such was the case with the London’s Citigen power station which is housed in a grade 1 listed building, once home to the Port of London Authority, situated in the heart of the capital. The station comprises of two 17MW Wärtsilä engines, driving a combined heat and power facility.
Faced with the problem of how to silence the engines to local authority requirements with no additional external silencing being permitted, the owners found themselves in an impossible situation.

The leading U.K. noise and vibration consultancy, AV Technology Ltd (AVT) quickly defined the solution, involving extremely demanding attenuation at low frequency.

However, when introduced to Silentor by a third party, together AVT and Silentor achieved what was thought to be impossible.

Using their patented diffuser technology, Silentor designed a twin barrel silencer, each barrel with a diameter of less than two meters and fifteen meters long with a common collector chamber from the turbo charger housing. Fitted to each engine the assemblies fitted perfectly into the engine room.

The end result was a complete success for both Silentor and their clients.

35 dB noise reduction at 20 Hz using a silencer with only 30% volume of a traditional solution.

This case clearly illustrates the way Silentor frequently work with professional consultants and engineers, providing answers to the most demanding acoustic challenges.