Mobile generator sets

In today's world a reliable electrical power supply is becoming crucial, not only for the comfort of our homes but also for any business operation and especially, welfare services. According to experts we have to face a future with periods of unexpected power cuts, if we only base our power supply on traditional power stations.
One answer to secure a reliable power supply is locally installed diesel driven generator sets.  These generator sets are not only valuable in case of emergency power loss situations, but also where power is needed for a limited period or in remote locations for instance in connection with big sporting events or mining.
For a worldwide supplier of mobile generator sets it can be of outmost importance that the various generators are suitable for use anywhere and under the most extreme ambient conditions.
This means among other things that the generator supplier must ensure that the generators are quiet in order to fulfil any local noise level requirement. Further to this it is important that an easy, quick and cost effective transportation to the destination is possible. Quiet and small mobile generator sets are therefore highly appreciated - but not easy to make.
Using Silentors unconventional exhaust silencers it is possible to make very quiet generator sets. In addition the silencers are very small and can be produced in almost any configuration, which makes it possible to limit the size of the generator set.
An example of Silentors unique combination of acoustics and fluid dynamics is in the supply of a silencer solution for a 1 MW mobile generator set installed inside a twenty foot ISO container. The combination of high ambient clearance and extremely efficient exhaust silencers allow full power output availability for these generator sets in the hottest climate and in close proximity to inhabited areas. Being able to have the entire installation inside a twenty foot ISO container makes it easy and cost effective to transport and store as the containers can be stacked.
The silencer for the 1 MW mobile generator set was developed using computer simulation and comprehensive calculations together with tests and modifications on a prototype mobile generator set.
Silentors ability to produce small compact high performing exhaust silencers is demonstrated at the moment in mobile generator sets from 30 kW to 2 MW, but can be advantageous both in smaller and bigger applications.